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About Frontiers

Finding Frontiers is what this website is all about. Mr. J shares about places, cultures, and experiences he has discovered from the edge of the Arctic to ancient towns in Asia and places along the way.

About Editor

Mr. J is an Alaskan who spends quite a bit of time residing in Asia. He continually seeks out new trails, wonders, and insights wherever he goes. Join him as he observes, ponders, and wonders as he wanders about his world.

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Let Us Introduce You To...

...A New Place to Dream About!

Trying to decide where to learn about today? Try taking a look at a place written about on this website! Our "place introduction" articles are a good place to begin getting acquainted with just where are some of the places that Finding Frontiers shares about. Click below to find your new frontier!

Cheeze-Its, Chugach Mountains, and Hiking Re-Entry

After two years away from home, familiar foods and mountains help to re-anchor and refuel my ebbing

See ‘Em Before They’re Gone — Fleeting Places

The view south of the coffee shop where I spend most Saturday mornings lures nobody to the

Colorful Birds in a Green World of Hsinchu County

Street signs all over Hsinchu County point road travelers towards Green World. While a small zoo calls

Huangguoshu — White Waterfalls And Yellow Fruit Trees

What a scene to behold! Mr J leaned over slightly for the fullest view of the white

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If you get up on your feet
And don't just sit around
There's no telling what you'll see
When those feet hit the ground
And if today you just can't go
Then let me take you there
What I've seen I'll share and show
From the lands of my frontiers

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