Alaska. Welcome to The Last Frontier. A land of discoveries waiting to be explored. It is a place of many things. For me, it is my first personal frontier. I have lived roughly three decades of my life in this great state; I feel like I have hardly scratched the surface.

Turnagain Arm is a scenic beauty I have been to hundreds of times. At the edge of the state’s largest city, you can be there in less than a half hour from anywhere in town. Each and every time I head down that way, I am delighted and awed as if I have never been there before. Dall sheep, migrating birds, and whales abound. World class ocean tides, rivers, and waterfalls make up some the water attractions. Meanwhile, steep mountains, glaciers, and rain forest beckon hikers. “This would be a national park in any other state” my father repeats often. He speaks truth.

Turnagain Arm, Alaska

The vast size and sheer remoteness of this Land of the Midnight Sun are hard to fathom for a great many people. I am most familiar with the Southcentral region where I grew up. While some joke that the city of Anchorage is twenty minutes from Alaska, folks who have never seen moose crossing city streets or bears in city parks may tend to disagree! Either way, a hike twenty mere miles into the mountains would still bring me to countless places I have never been. Mountains, rivers, and glaciers are some of the things that make access difficult in these parts. A person never runs out of places to dream about exploring in a place like this. 

Turnagain Arm, Alaska

The Chugach Mountains are one of my favorite places on earth. They lie in Anchorage’s backyard. While this area has attained the status of state park—the third largest in the United States—it would be a national park anywhere else. Speaking of national parks, Alaska has its share of these special spots as well. I have breathless memories at every corner of the Denali Park Road. I feel like a kid at Christmas every time I get to take a day cruise into Kenai Fjords. Some of my wildest adventures have been inside Wrangell-St. Elias. In Alaska, we call this “accessible” because TWO roads poke into it. Never mind that one crosses unabridged streams, it is recommended to bring two spare tires when driving on the other, and the park visitor center is situated miles outside the park. Yeah, this place is wild. 

Chugach Dall Sheep

In a place so big with roads so few, endless possibilities abound. A person with a strong internal drive and two good feet can discover a lot. And I have. The Aleuts call this place Alyeska. It means “great land”. That is a great name for this epic place. I have launched out on many great explorations but have only uncovered a fraction of what it has to offer. Come along with this “son of the Last Frontier”, and I will share some of my treasured finds in this land of never ending frontiers where I found my first frontiers. 

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