Street signs all over Hsinchu County point road travelers towards Green World. While a small zoo calls Hsinchu City home, Green World offers more area and smaller critters. Green World in Hsinchu also sort of straddles the definition of zoo. It places greater focus on plants and paths throughout its natural spaces. Looking for somewhere to spend a half day near Hsinchu? You might want to consider Green World in Hsinchu County.

Mr J thinks that the birds star as main attraction at Green World in Hsinchu. In addition to pelicans, flamingos, and numerous parrot varieties, an array of colorful and unusual birds reside throughout. However, the aviary near the back of the park provides the most interesting encounters. Don’t forget to look both towards sky and ground for birds of surprising design! Some walk along the path while others scatter about the trees. That being said, various and brightly colored critters perched at eye level also attract a good deal of attention. Except for a diverse handful of toucans in cages, the birds move about freely under the high nets.

Hey, You Lookin’ At My Hair?

While the feathery critters bring plenty of color to Green World in Hsinchu, the botanical residents give its name. A multitude of plants spread along the trails and fill up the park. While some seemed a bit barren on Mr J’s late December visit, plenty to capture interest remained. A boardwalk passes through cypress growth amidst standing water and various water plants. Meanwhile, cactus and desert plants inhabit an artificial dry area. Aside from the birds, the namesake green growth defines much of Green World.

The Biodiversity Adventure Area provides wonders with every turn of the head. Scan the high walls and branches for sloths hanging about. And of course, interesting birds intermingle with iguanas, tortoises, and other critters. A couple of pelicans fish the small waterways while other critters (especially the fish!) try to stay out of their way.

From alpacas on the lawn to the “lovely animals” area, Green World in Hsinchu provides opportunity to get up close with the critters. Mrs J particularly enjoyed the animal show. When the large noisy parrots were not jostling for highest branch position, they demonstrated their mathematical and competitive skills. Seems kind of fitting since Hsinchu carriers the moniker “Silicon Valley of Taiwan”. However, a baby sloth might have took home cutest critter of show though. Meanwhile, Mr J still ponders how chickens gained entrance to the “lovely animals” (better translated: cute) area.

Out for A Stroll on the Lawn at Green World

Green World makes a nice destination for avian lovers and families looking for interactive activities. Consider a visit when in the area with a few hours or half day of free time on hand.

Directions: Just southwest of Zhudong off of Highway 3 (not freeway). Get to Zhudong and look for the direction signs.

NOTE: Consider eating lunch at SRC where the road turns down the hill to Green World. A bit overpriced but plenty of interesting things to check out.

Entrance Fee: NTD$380 (as of 2020)

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