From Alaska to Asia and Places Along the Way

Mr. J loves frontiers. From bears to yak and from wilderness to skyscrapers, Mr. J has stories to share. From the edge of the Arctic to ancient towns in Asia and other places along the way, Mr. J has been blessed with the opportunity to get out and see the world he lives in.

Mr. J was raised in Southcentral Alaska. This “son of America’s Last Frontier” knew from an early age that he was lucky to live in such a wonderful place—a land of independence, wilderness, and lots of critters. Most Alaskans think Alaska is a great place to live. He couldn’t agree more and will always consider Alaska home no matter where the process of finding frontiers takes him. The Chugach Mountains remain to this day one of his favorite places in the whole wide world!

Mr. J in the Chugach Mountains

Mr. J has worked in various settings including an international grocery store, a credit union, a hospital, and the plating room of a printing press. These days, he focuses on writing and helping others with their English.

Mr. J became acquainted with Asian culture during his nearly seven years working in the front end of an international specialty market. During that time, he went on a number of trips to see the places from whence his co-workers hailed. Things went to another level when he met a Taiwanese exchange student who eventually became his wife. They spent an unforgettable season together living, studying, and exploring language, landscapes, peoples, and cultures in Southwest China. 

Mr. J in Yunnan, China

Mr. J appreciates many natural wonders and activities. However, he has his favorites. Hiking is his first and foremost outdoor love. He loves finding new trails, especially those off-the-beaten path. Mountains, flowing water, and wide open views never cease to lift his spirits. Rivers. Waterfalls. Glaciers. Wildlife. Domestic critters. Road trips. These are the kinds of things that make Mr. J really happy. And these are all things that he likes to write about at Finding Frontiers. 

His greatest joy is discovering wonders and looking into the beauty of God’s Creation and sharing what he has learned with others. His heart unceasingly yearns to see more of the Creator’s grand masterpieces and beauty. He delights in sharing these wonders with other people and seeing them be moved as well. 

Thompson Pass, Alaska

Mr. J is not merely satisfied with going, seeing, and checking off another place on a list. He loves learning as he lives and travels. Learning about places—geography, watersheds, mountains and their ranges. Learning about people—culture, history, language, and local dynamics. Learning about himself—pushing boundaries, overcoming fears, how he functions. He not only earned his degree in intercultural studies; he lives a life of ongoing study. Mr. J observes, ponders, and wonders as he wanders. 

You are invited to come join him as he reminisces on past experiences, seeks out new adventures, and tries to draw lessons from the things he has seen and heard. From Alaska to Asia and places along the way, this is the scenic life of Mr. J.