Finding Frontiers endeavors to be a daydreaming source for thinking travelers who desire to discover new places and travel better along the way. The articles on this site are based on Mr. J’s real life experiences. This “Son of the Last Frontier” shares his adventures and perspectives from the edge of the Arctic to ancient towns in Asia and other places along the way.

Finding Frontiers shares stories, snapshots, and insights from Mr. J’s explorations. He has the most to share about places he has lived—Alaska, Yunnan, Taiwan. However, he also travels quite a bit in other places within Asia and North America as well. Mr. J does more than just share stories though. He tries to share some of the things he has learned along the way as he makes new discoveries and learns about places, people, and himself throughout each and every journey. 

Now what exactly is a frontier? And how do you find one? A frontier is not merely a place that many have not seen or explored. An individual’s frontier is any place that a particular person has not seen or experienced. You don’t have to be the first to find a frontier, but you do have to go out and find frontiers that are a first for you to be a real frontier finder. New frontiers are found by launching out and trying new things. 

Finding Frontiers hopes to become a source of inspiration and perspective in your life. It is Mr. J’s desire that his readers will help open up frontiers and understanding for him as well. Finding Frontiers strives to be a place where frontier finders connect and inspire each other to greater discovery, perspective, and appreciation of the places we go. 

This is an invitation to all fellow frontier finders to enter into the pages of Mr. J’s frontier finding life. Come travel and think with him one story at a time through his many adventures and discover amazing places to dream about along the way. Find a frontier that is a first for you. Today is the day to find a new frontier!