Review in 3 sentences: Three great trails branch off of the main Hiland trail into different side trips. Hanging Valley, Symphony Tarns, and Flute Glacier all offer some great hiking. Hiland Valley isn’t just a trail but rather an epic network of great hikes. SAFETY-A note and disclaimer about safety:Continue Reading

Review in 3 sentences: Ship Pass might just be the most amazing trail close to Anchorage that few seem to know exists. Check out a couple of mountain lakes or push upwards for panoramic scenes of wonder. Excellent half day hike at the edge of Anchorage yet thoroughly in theContinue Reading

Review in 3 sentences: This Hiland trail provides a fairly level and mostly treeless trek. Mountain views on all sides with especially rocky wonders at the back of the valley. Good clear destination to two very different lakes that act as gateways to two great backcountry valleys and extended options. Continue Reading

The boat lightly rocked on Resurrection Bay. Nearly every one of the hundreds of eyes aboard fixed on the water in anticipation of the next breach. Meanwhile, the captain spoke over the sound system in hushed tones sharing info about our newest sighting. Just then, a mother and her babyContinue Reading

Review in 3 sentences: Check out a glacier from toe to source. Along the way, keep an eye out for various critters and wildflowers. Get awesome “destination” views even if you don’t make it to Harding Icefield vistas at the end of the trail.  SAFETY-A note and disclaimer about safety:Continue Reading