The stillness of grandeur filled the air. A glassy bay reflected the soaring faces of both peaks and ice. Meanwhile, chunks of ice in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and even colors dotted the placid waters like stars strewn about the sky. Visual evidence of large recent avalanche activity snakedContinue Reading

Waterfalls crisscrossed the face of the entire side of the mountain and their crashing sounds filled the air. Lush green covered the spaces in-between. Glaciers glistened in the sunlight outlining peaks while glowing blue added to the scene. Further down the road, bears fished for salmon. And up one ofContinue Reading

The scene spreading out before me left me spellbound. My eyes gazed in awe while my jaw dropped in wonder. This launched the climatic period of a splendid flight. I pressed against the plane’s small window. Far below, multiple rivers of ice spilled into the sea. Some of them flowedContinue Reading