Review in 3 sentences: Take a short hike through bamboo forest deep in the heart of northern Taiwan’s mountains. Listen to the river far below before dropping down to an unabridged crossing. Culminate the hike by dipping your toes in natural Taigang Hot Springs. SAFETY-A note and disclaimer about safety:Continue Reading

I have lots of places I recognize when traveling longer distances on the road in Taiwan. Depending on method of travel, a different set of familiar spots pass by one by one. Cars travel on interstates, trains on rails, and scooters on the rough equivalent of U.S. highways. In anyContinue Reading

Review in 3 sentences: Two adjacent trails provide high mountain views, an attractive array of mixed forests, and a waterfall. As weather shifts in early afternoon, cloud seas usually fill in valleys below and float up over ridges all around. Jhenshan & Guanwu Waterfall represent a permit-free cross-section of theContinue Reading