Review in 3 sentences: This Hiland trail provides a fairly level and mostly treeless trek. Mountain views on all sides with especially rocky wonders at the back of the valley. Good clear destination to two very different lakes that act as gateways to two great backcountry valleys and extended options. Continue Reading

The scene spreading out before me left me spellbound. My eyes gazed in awe while my jaw dropped in wonder. This launched the climatic period of a splendid flight. I pressed against the plane’s small window. Far below, multiple rivers of ice spilled into the sea. Some of them flowedContinue Reading

My earliest memory along the McCarthy Road comes from 238’ (73 m) above the raging Kuskulana River. Rolling across the narrow bridge caused me no little concern. With nothing more than low lying railroad ties guarding either edge, I desperately hoped my dad would steer us straight across. Upon safeContinue Reading