We stepped down through the valley along with the water. Wide waterfalls linked together colorful tiered lakes of various greens and blues. Meanwhile, steep mountains hemmed in the narrow valley. Forests covered the lower sections while granite took over in the upper areas. A few Tibetan villages remained in sideContinue Reading

The stillness of grandeur filled the air. A glassy bay reflected the soaring faces of both peaks and ice. Meanwhile, chunks of ice in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and even colors dotted the placid waters like stars strewn about the sky. Visual evidence of large recent avalanche activity snakedContinue Reading

When I lived in China Mainland, I visited some national parks. After visiting one, I always searched for lists of more of these special places. Instead, I often ran into articles talking about China’s plan to start creating national parks. Additionally, UNESCO world heritage designations plus a system of “A”Continue Reading

Review in 3 sentences: Two adjacent trails provide high mountain views, an attractive array of mixed forests, and a waterfall. As weather shifts in early afternoon, cloud seas usually fill in valleys below and float up over ridges all around. Jhenshan & Guanwu Waterfall represent a permit-free cross-section of theContinue Reading