Waterfalls crisscrossed the face of the entire side of the mountain and their crashing sounds filled the air. Lush green covered the spaces in-between. Glaciers glistened in the sunlight outlining peaks while glowing blue added to the scene. Further down the road, bears fished for salmon. And up one ofContinue Reading

The boat lightly rocked on Resurrection Bay. Nearly every one of the hundreds of eyes aboard fixed on the water in anticipation of the next breach. Meanwhile, the captain spoke over the sound system in hushed tones sharing info about our newest sighting. Just then, a mother and her babyContinue Reading

My earliest memory along the McCarthy Road comes from 238’ (73 m) above the raging Kuskulana River. Rolling across the narrow bridge caused me no little concern. With nothing more than low lying railroad ties guarding either edge, I desperately hoped my dad would steer us straight across. Upon safeContinue Reading

The sight, sound, and solitude of wilderness enveloped us. We stood just off to the edge of the small abandoned Rambler Mine looking out over the Nabesna River’s valley. In the distance, its long icy glacial source beckoned even deeper into the majestic wilds beyond. If Alaska represents the endContinue Reading