Review in 3 sentences: Three great trails branch off of the main Hiland trail into different side trips. Hanging Valley, Symphony Tarns, and Flute Glacier all offer some great hiking. Hiland Valley isn’t just a trail but rather an epic network of great hikes. SAFETY-A note and disclaimer about safety:Continue Reading

Gray silty water brushed swiftly up against the bank. Its force spun a fish wheel into motion dropping water and the occasional salmon into a wooden box. One step into the fast-flowing waters of the mighty Copper River would likely have marked the end of Mr J’s river finding days.Continue Reading

Review in 3 sentences: Ship Pass might just be the most amazing trail close to Anchorage that few seem to know exists. Check out a couple of mountain lakes or push upwards for panoramic scenes of wonder. Excellent half day hike at the edge of Anchorage yet thoroughly in theContinue Reading